Adding extra fork oil

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. Jul 5, 2008 Yes you can. Approved fluids are listed by brand name and fluid characteristics below 1. But first, call up the folks who re-valved the forks for you and ask them what oil they used (viscosity) and the height of the oil they put in.

Also can use ATF fluid, lots of detergent in that.

I do fork oil without removing the forks all the time.


The level isn't critical.

Fill the inner chamber, and bleed it correctly, and dump the excess fluid after bleeding.

Pump dampening rod to remove air, add additional oil as needed.

adding extra fork oil. I do not own a manual yet and need to know if anyone can tell me the fork oil level in either cc&39;s or ounces since I do not own a proper filler tool. Yes, adding more oil in the fork altered the "feel" because. .

Check your owners manual for the maximum and minimum oil heights allowed for your forks. All damping is done by the central shock. .

The oil amount stays within the range specified in the manual and different weights can be used.
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Just pour in the 565ml (19.

Leave the degreaser in for a few minutes and then clean them out with water. .

Get the right springs for your wt. Yes, adding more oil in the fork altered the "feel" because.


The forks take 10. Can someone give me a good estimate on how much I should increase the level to help.

Then I&39;ll slightly overfill the fork oil, stick the straw down the fork until the tape is level with the top of the fork leg, and squeeze the trigger repeatedly to.

Support the front of the bike, take out the wheel, take off the handlebars, slowly remove the fork cap on the bad side.


5wt. . Jun 14, 2021 Partzilla. .

4) using a long zip-tie or something you can measure the oil level with, measure the oil level of the good fork. . . Jun 8, 2003 I&39;d drain both forks and put in the same oil and same levels in each.

Jul 5, 2008 Yes you can.

On the right fork tube, push the piston rod all the way down. On my forks this was super tight. Jan 10, 2007 Overall it is much easier to remove the forks, take off the fork caps, remove springs, spacer and whatever else in there and dump it upside down and keep flushing it.

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Third, squirt some oil with a syringe in the seal carrier to fill the space behind the inner seal and screw the seal carrier back in place. May 23, 2021 I do it all the time - I use a manual engine oil extractor to suck the fluid out, overfill the oil and then use a small length of brass tube pushed through a disc of wood, set to the required air gap held against the fork top and then use the same fluid extractor to remove the excess fluid via the brass rod. " "Again, the amount of oil does not change. .