Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar 3.

List of christian denominations by number of members

The USA Christian Denominations Directory is organized into 18 alphabetized groupings of denominations, as shown above. best 4070 ti buildDec 19, 2011 Pentecostalism has roots in the 19th-century Holiness Movement, which promoted intense personal piety. happy 1st monthsary message tagalog

A Christian denomination is a distinct religious body within Christianity that comprises all church congregations of the same kind, identifiable by traits such as a name, particular history, organization, leadership, theological doctrine, worship style and sometimes a founder. com2fwiki2fListofChristiandenominationsbynumberofmembersRK2RS5Airjax8fkDC11VhBRuYEVJjKw- referrerpolicyorigin targetblankSee full list on religion. . It is inevitably partial and generally based on claims by the denominations themselves.


Nov 13, 2021 Here is a list httpsen.




Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith.

383 relations. Continental Reformed churches 30 million. Historically, Catholics would label members of certain Christian churches (also certain non-Christian religions) by the names of their founders, either actual or purported. Congregational Holiness.

345 billion, and the Catholic Church is the largest among churches. Aug 7, 2018 There are other denominations among Christian that have substantial followings in the world as well. e.

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5 million 155 Protestant Church in Indonesia 3.

1 million. 1 million.

(See also Christianity; Christian denominations; List of Christian denominations by number of members). 8 million members.

2 billion.

21 million. .

5 million 158 Swiss Reformed Church 2.

Protestantism - 600800 million.

National Baptist Convention 5.

See also List of Christian denominations by number of members. . 3) List of Christian denominations by number of members This is a list of Christian denominations by number of members. Congregational Holiness.

Media related to Christian denominations at Wikimedia Commons Christian Denominations History, profiles and comparison charts of major Christian denominations. Denominational links from the Ecumenism in Canada site; The Christian Post. Grace Alone All of salvation, from beginning to end, is only by the grace of God. See also List of Christian denominations by number of members.


28), Hinduism (13. Many Christian denomination see themselves as part of the worldwide Church which includes other denominations as well. 1 million 156 United Church in Zambia 3.

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Mar 26, 2013 I recently gleaned the top 15 denominations by membership in the United States from their reports Southern Baptist Convention 16.

Largest denominations in the world. Eastern Catholic Churches (Eastern Rite) - 17. . The number of members in the Methodist denomination totals to 60-80 million people, being represented in the following Churches United Methodist Church 12 million; African Methodist Episcopal Church 2.